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We have a 1 1/2 hour quality DVD available.  

Currently preparing for the National Summer Reading Program with special emphasis on The Universe of Stories and lifting up 2019 as the 50th anniversary of the Moon Walk!

Under development two new programs celebrating women -- including "Women of a Certain Stamp!" sharing stories of women who are honored on postage stamps!

What People Say Who Have Seen Our Work!

 Neil and Mary Early genuinely care about their audiences. They consistently produce high quality programs. They are easy to work with and are very professional. They have the ability to adapt to their audiences. 
Howard L. Coy Jr., Director of Libraries
Vernon Parish, LA 

Two professionals who are not only creative and knowledgeable but equally dedicated and extremely capable. Great communicators!                                                                                     Sonja Funderburk, Director Title 1, Vernon Parish Schools 

 Awesome performers, always appropriate stories for the occasion.  Great at enticing and encouraging the audience to participate.  Always prepared and can adapt to any theme.  They are always early.  They leave the audience enlightened, entertained and wanting more.    We use them over and over again for everything possible.  I have seen their work in sacred as well as secular presentations and have used them for Black History as well as other special events and programs.               

Gwendolyn Pierre, Branch Manager, Theodore Johns Library – Beaumont Libraries.

    Willing and well researched, the Earlys' productions are a delight to both adults and children.  Always professional, they create a flow that moves along, keeping all ages engaged.
Its easy to host the Earlys for a service.  They are prepared and timely.   What a delight!
Reverend Sondra von Gyllenband (Unity Church of Beaumont) 

 It gives me great pleasure to write a theatre review of Stories and More!!!  I have seen and enjoyed many of the works of Mary and Neil Early, the most delightful husband and wife team as they can pull in the audience’s emotions with their soothing, personalized, creative voice tones; very different for each story.  Red Velvet Ribbon and Monkey Paw is on the cutting edge of mystery, the audience listens intensely to hear the finale.  Props are easily engaging like that in the Coyote and the Rabbit.  Each story touches the heart and mind of the listener with surprising endings.   Neil and Mary have a heart for art and amazingly blend their works so compatibly leaving the audience wanting to see all the plays.  Another winsomely talent is the dependability of the actors – they are committed, well prepared and timely for any scheduled occasion.  The warmth, professionalism, glow, and magic of this couple will have you calling them back for Stories and more!  Excellent leadership and performances!  The video is highly recommended to folks who prefer theater over Television or may be utilize in community homes such as Assisted Living Homes and other senior communities.  Recommended for all levels of cognitive skills because the stories are fun, interactive, and easy to engage!
Lynn Huckaby | Senior Services Coordinator
City of Beaumont Parks and Recreation
780 South Fourth St. | Beaumont, Texas  77701 

 Mary and Neil are very dedicated professionals who bring a lot of "heart and soul" to their performances.  It is important to them that the purpose of their story have a moral "hook" to engage the critical thinking of their listeners.  In a world of animation, it is refreshing to see live actors portraying and preserving stories for future generations.
-- Rose Hall, Kirby-Hill House Educational Foundation, Inc. 

 Deep historical intelligence combined with deliciously elegant wackiness.
-- Susan Dimaline, Unity Church of Beaumont 

 "I am proud to write an endorsement for Mary and Neil Early.  I am very familiar with their work.  I would like to comment on a few things that I have noticed during their performances.  What is most immediately obvious is the research and preparation they have put into it.  And second and I think very important is audience participation.  The Early's are very tuned in to their audience and always involve them in the performance.  Their audiences seem to really enjoy and appreciate being a part of the action!! "
--  Blessings,  Nancy Crawford, Beaumont, Texas 

      The quality of Mary and Neil's performances is outstanding.
Mary and Neil are extremely sensitive to their audiences. They very soon make people feel at ease and converse with members of the audience before and after their performances creating a strong rapport with those in attendance.
     I know that Mary and Neil spend a great deal of time researching their work, especially when their performance portrays a true character whether past or present. Their knowledge of history is quite obvious and truly amazing!
     When Mary and Neil make a commitment to perform, whether locally or further afield, one can always rely on the fact that they will be there and at the specified time - whatever it takes!!
      Mary and Neil have wonderful 'stage presence' and quite naturally pull the audiences' attention into the play or 'skit' they are performing. In my experience, one can easily become totally engrossed in whatever Neil or Mary are doing and saying!!
      The Earlys are continually invited back to perform for members of the Woman's Club of Beaumont and many other organizations. They are, quite simply, WONDERFUL!!!
  -- Fran Biggan – Beaumont Women’s Club 


Storytelling by Mary and Neil Early is much more than entertainment. The young learn socialization skills and are exposed to situations having moral and ethical implications. The elderly are transported to memories of their childhood. Those between the young and the elderly are amazed by the authenticity of the many different characters portrayed by Mary and Neil during a storytelling session.

Dr. Richard Drapeau, Lamar University, Retired

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If you are a Civic or Service Group within a 25 mile radius of Beaumont, check with us abut a special price consideration.

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