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REVEREND JOHNATHAN EDWARDS.  This 18th Century American religious leader and   educator is a most fascinating person. He is best known for his sermon, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God", which he is willing to offer. He also is available to share from his other sermons and  meditations. Many have never experienced the other sides of Reverend Edwards -the mystic, the scientific observer, the explorer of nature. He is prepared to share according to your personal requests.  



 Would you prefer CHARLES DICKENS as a guest?   You can spend time with one of the most famous fiction authors of the 19th Century.   Mr. Dickens is easily convinced that readings from his works are of significant value. He also tells about life in 19th Century London as well as recounting his travels and personal adventures. Specific works and philosophical insights can be spoken to 




ALEXIS de TOQUEVILLE who wrote the   major 19th Century study of Democracy in America after traveling and visiting  extensively in the then new country.  De Toqueville’s  observations and  comments are still being quoted  extensively in the 21st Century. 

More Visitors Possible!

bishop andrewes



BISHOP LANCELOT ANDREWES.  The good Bishop was one of the key players in the King James Translation of the Bible.  He served as  Chaplain to both Queen Elizabeth I and King James.  Bishop Andrewes can help you wend your way through the complexities of Church and State as well as the intricacies of  completing this momentous and monumental accomplishment we now know changed the course of the English Language.  The developing attitudes toward an official Bible also were part of the eventual strengthening of Parliament and the major political shift that  altered England forever. 

bishop nicholas



BISHOP NICHOLAS OF MYRA.  Bishop Nicholas is the patron Saint of Children, Sailors, Pawn Brokers, Gift Giving -and of more nations than most of us can count! What made him so popular?  Meet him and find out! The Bishop can share Christmas traditions from around the world -or -he can tell about life and times in the 3rd and 4th Centuries in the Middle East and the changing remnants of the Roman Empire. Bishop Nicholas was present at the Council of  Nicaea in A.D. 325 




Ralph Wheelock (Puritan Minister, Teacher, Community Leader):  There is always a chance you would enjoy meeting with a genuine Puritan from the settling of New England. He can discuss the "whys" and "wherefores" of the movement of this continent. He is conversant with many of the religious and political controversies which made resettlement not only desirable but necessary — whatever the hardships! You might want Ralph to share in some special "Thanksgiving" thoughts. He is a schoolmaster and preacher who came over seven years after the founding of Boston. 




ANAXION could be your guest.  He was honored to  be a Choragus more than once during the Classical Period of Greek Theatre.  He is a frustrated actor-producer, so you will need to be ready to explore some of the great plays and learn about the playwrights. 

By the way, something special we have created is "Homer's Odyssey: The Musical!"  --  our duet sharing of this great classic.  

Nathan hale pryor



Nathan Hale Pryor with his account of the “Corps of Discovery” as he served Lewis and Clark as one of the Sergeants of the troop.  He was involved from the earliest moments to the end of the journey. 




Would you like to have as a guest a wandering Persian Storyteller, XERXES, who recounts the stories of the Arabian Nights and how the stories came to be?  He shares the stories in various formats for all ages. You will learn that Xerxes has a special reason for telling the stories of the 1,001 Arabian Nights.  

Many Other People Ready to Visit



  JOHN NEWBERY could come see you and  your friends. Together, you could learn not only about who John Newbery was but how the award came to be that carries his name. Mr. Newbery shares selections from some of the stories which have received the Newbery Award. He is also willing to explore some of the historical and philosophical developments in classical and contemporary children's literature.   



  There is always MERLIN, THE MAGICIAN.  He does not do tricks or prestidigitation. He does tell the stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. He can share about life in the Middle Ages.  Merlin has also lived in so many ages and places that he can share stories of movements and developments in politics, philosophy, religion, and government. He can explore the stories of the "jongleurs" and the courtly love traditions as well. 

George and Martha Washington

George and Martha Washington and the founding of a new nation.  They share a variety of moments of t

The Washingtons greatly enjoy being able to share their excitement at being in the middle of the founding of a new nation.  They have much to tell.  Their love for each other is one of the greatest treasures.




JAMES MADISON ... Fourth President of the United States of America, what it feels like to have gone down in history as the "Father of the American Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Mr. Madison is able to describe the experiences which led to the need for the Constitution as well as the actual experiences involved in creating the document. If you have the time, he will also discuss what it took for the Constitution to become accepted. He has some interesting insights and observations about many of the people involved in the process.  




You could have the distinct honor of having all of your questions about Shakespeare answered by one of the great Bard's closest friends, Master JOHN HEMINGES.   He was a member of Shakespeare's Acting Company and a Shareholder.  Heminges and Henry Condell were the ones who published the "First Folio".   Master Heminges can discuss life under Elizabeth and James. He also can perform scenes from many of the plays. He does not limit himself to the roles he actually performed as a member of the Company, but will share some of the performances he would like to have been invited to perform. Often John can also tell about experiences with some of the other playwrights such as Ben Jonson, Beaumont and Fletcher, etc. 




WILHELM GRIMM is ready to share from the wealth of tales he and his brother, Jacob, have collected. He has a marvelous basket which opens up the stories to be shared. Wilhelm is also prepared to discuss some of the similarities they have discovered to be in tales from disparate cultures. He can also share a word or two about his brother's philological discoveries and theories.   

Even More Possible Visitors

Circuit Rider


 A CIRCUIT RIDER (The Reverend Matthew Mark Luke John) might be coming your way. This Circuit Rider knows better than to try to preach to the people he meets, so instead of the traditional four-hour plus sermon, he tells stories of the American Frontier, shares folklore and tall tales, and recounts legends about the real people who helped in the Westward Expansion.  

Mark Twain



SAMUEL L. CLEMENS  (a.k.a. MARK TWAIN) who is  always willing to talk about himself and about his writings. He can always be prevailed upon to tell about his many friends of the 19th Century. Sam gladly gives readings from his well-known and his lesser-known writings. Of course, he makes no bones about whose fault it is that some of his writings are lesser known!   Particular writings can generally be added to the program by special request.  

Zaccheus's chef


When Jesus tells the Tax Collector he is coming for lunch -- can you imagine what went through the minds of his staff?  What will the Chef do to prepare?

Christopher Columbus



CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS recounts his experiences in attempting to convince the various "powers that were" to support his endeavors in traveling west to go east to the Indies. Many  of Columbus' personal writings were consulted  in developing this program. None of the textbooks begin to tell the real story. You can learn a great deal from the man himself.  Many know about the First Voyage, but there were others!  

Harry Bailey



HARRY BAILEY would love to visit with you.  He is the Host of the Tabard Inn of London – yes, it was he who came up with the idea of telling tales on the way to Canterbury and the Shrine of Thomas á Becket.  Harry loves to gossip about the pilgrims, share their stories, and explore life during this tumultuous century.  He was a close friend of Chaucer and has some interesting tidbits to share! 


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