Program Ideas


We offer a wide variety of program possibilities for all the year! 

In addition, you might want to consider programs for special days and seasons:




Patriotic Events...Appropriate all year, especially

   Presidents' Day

       Memorial Day


          Flag Day


             Fourth of July


                 Veterans Day


                      Constitution / Law Day

Black History [We have numerous events and celebrations of special contributions.

Valentine's Day

St. Patrick's Day

Hispanic History and Folklore

Native American Folklore [various cultural groups]

Mothers and Fathers Day

Grandparents Day

Volunteer Appreciation

Celebrating the Sharing of Wisdom


Readiness for Learning through Active Learning (Parents Are Teachers, Too!)

The Arts and Active Learning
(Across the Curriculum and into the Home and the Community!)

Character Building and Resolving  Conflict Using Story as a Springboard

Plotting and Planning – Using Storytelling and Listening to Develop Awareness and Understanding of Literary Structure

Storytelling 101 – The Basics of Finding,
Selecting, Preparing, and Presenting a Story

Using Stories to Supplement Understanding of Particular Math and Science Concepts

Math and the Arts – Math Is Much More than Counting!

Shakin’ and Music Makin’ -- Fun with Music and Rhythms

Shadow Puppets – Making and Using – the Living Page

Puppet Mania!  -- Not Just Store-Bought Puppets, but “Manipulatebles” Made from things around the House

Song and Story for World Discovery  -- Meet People of the World through Their Culture

Feelin’ Good About the Skin I’m In – Self-Esteem

Parents Are the First Teachers

Conflict Management

The World of Science Meets You

Literacy Basics – Even before You Begin  

Stories for Healing

Facing Fears – Using Story and Creative Drama to Understand and to Overcome Basic Fears and Anxieties

Using Picture Books to Teach Across the  Curriculum  (Ideas for Older Kids, too!)

Across the Curriculum Using Story and Creative Drama  (Math, Science, Geography, Language Skills, Communication, etc.)

Games Are More than Fun! – Have Fun and Learn!

Open-ended Questions

Stress-Busting – Managing Stress and Gaining Control

Book Reports – Being Creative about Someone Else’s Creation

Poetry Can Be Fun -- An amazing set of adventures for exploring cultures, history, social studies, emotions, apprehending creation, and . . .

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