Faith Events



Mary & Neil are available to design Worship Events.  They will participate and they are willing to lead.  Neil is a retired minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  They have always been active in Ecumenical work.  Mary also served many years as a Choir Director and currently directs the Volunteer Voices of Beaumont.  They are students of classical and traditional as well as contemporary Worship.

We offer numerous workshops and seminars on Biblical subjects.  These generally focus on areas not always available for regular Sunday School and bible Studies. 

Retreats/Family Events

The Earlys have a strong sense of the importance of inter-generational experiences. They also know how to design programs that are age and experience specific.  They have designed and led many retreats.  They love opportunities to help people discover and rediscover their creativity and roots!

Biblical and Faith Discovery characterizations

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 This Little Light of Mine—
Stories of great men and women of the Christian Faith.  Stories of hope, integrity, courage, love, and trust in God.  Experiences of people who have helped light the light of Christ for all of us throughout the World and throughout Time.  Their lights still shine for us because they believed it was better to light a single candle than to sit and curse the darkness.  [When we are doing a residency, camp, conference, retreat, etc., this event can be adapted to allow for participation by Youth and Adults.  It is excellent for Worship,  Christian Education, or for a special Family Event.  We also have this  program adapted for a variety of study/learning activities for multi-cultural and world awareness.]  

 If These Stones Could Speak…
Stones from a trip to the Holy Land are displayed, audience members are invited to handle a stone, a piece of the Holy Land.  The tellers share the stories these stones would tell if the stones could speak   This unique approach to Bible Study and Review includes hymns, spiritual songs, and a variety of visuals. 

 Biblical Simulation Experience —
These are very special full group participation adventures for Older Youth and Adults of All Ages.   In a special   dramatic context, everyone present becomes involved in living particular Biblical Moments.    These are teaching/learning events which call upon the participant to use the whole self.  They are a memorable way to study and to explore Scripture and Faith History.   We offer a variety of moments to explore from both the Old and the New Testaments. 

We have programs for Worship and Learning Events    encompassing a wide variety of themes.  We also love to come work with you on developing the possibilities of Puppet Ministry.  We have all sorts of things you can do at very little cost.  We specialize in puppets made from things already at hand!  We also teach Basic, Intermediate, and  Advanced Puppet Manipulation  and Presentation for  Children, Youth, and Adults. 

The Cross — As It Was — As It Has Become
We come with our unique collection of Crosses and  share in experiences of the Cross from the moments of Calvary through the Ages — using Scripture, the Crosses, Visual Art, Poetry, Prose, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs. This is particularly appropriate as a  special event for congregations and communities. 

 The Living Parables—
A participatory experience with some of the Parables of Jesus which can be an exciting part of Worship, Retreats, and all special programs.  The Parables come to life in ways that cross over time and space! 

 We offer a  series of Christmas and Easter Events as well.   Please ask about our special fliers for those celebrations.   Please see the slide show below!



In addition to the characters describe on our "Characterizations Page", we offer the following characters based on Scripture, Literature, Tradition, and History. They come in full dress — ready to bring Faith and History alive for you!  They work well in all situations.  Programs are adaptable for everything froma Worship Service to a Family Dinner to a Retreat!


But Would You Let Your Son Marry One?. . .

What did the early Christians face in the New Testament World?  How were they perceived by the society around them?  Who were these Christians?  What made them seem like foreigners in their own homelands?  A wealthy Patrician Roman Matron sends her Steward to find out what kind of people her son would be joining — You are present when the Steward makes his report!  A different — and thought-provoking — approach to the study of the Acts of the Apostles and the Epistles — and a touch of the Early Church Mothers and Fathers.

 James, the Just

Brother to Jesus, yet he did not fully accept his brother as the Messiah until late — James became head of the First Council of Jerusalem Christians.  He was one of the early martyrs of the faith.  He is credited with writing the book of the New Testament that carries his name. He has quite a story to share.



The High Priest is celebrating how he, almost single-handedly, is saving the nation of Israel by what he has done to Jesus of Nazareth. Caiaphas is confident he will go down in history as the savior of the Jewish people. 


Longinus, the Roman Centurion—

He made his confession of faith at the foot of the Cross.  How does he view things that have happened since that fate-filled week?  Meet him in his garden now that he has retired from active military service.

 Zacchaeus’s Chef—

Nothing has been the same since Zacchaeus met Jesus! Learn from the Tax Collector’s own chef what life was like before and after.  Can you imagine how the Chef may have felt when Jesus announced He was coming to dine?    Learn about the growth of faith in a community as one more reaches out to another.


Fanny Crosby….

Hymn writer and great woman of faith!  In a rare newspaper interview situation, she shares her life experiences as well as many of her hymns and how they came to be written.  Opportunities to sing the great hymns are an integral aspect of the presentation!

 Worship Leading, Dramatized Sermons, Keynoting, Entertaining, Workshops, Retreats — including Youth and Adults,  Learning Labs & Clinics, Spirituality & Creativity, Participation Bible Study, How to Be Better Teachers and Being Better Learners using Scripture,Music, and the other Arts. . . We celebrate and offer experiences for all ages!