What do we offer?


We have a wide variety of programs ready to bring to you.   We also will design program events to meet your special needs and interests.   A new program may cost a little more for research and development.  We will discuss specifics when you contact us

  • Storytelling Events can be by theme, culture, calendar, or historic emphasis.
  • We offer nearly thirty people from Literature, History, and the Bible who will come to you in full make-up and costume.  They are interviewed by Ms Mary, the world's foremost enquiring reporter, who models interview and takes the audience on a "you are there" experience.
  • We have a variety of approaches for Family Reading and Math Events.  
  • Our Patriotic Programs and Seasonal as well as Special Day Events lift up time to celebrate for all year long.
  • We do Dramatized Sermon Experiences, Family Faith Events, Participation Bible Experiences, Retreats, and Conferences.
  • We have also added Chamber Theatre Experiences in which we lift up a variety of literature from a specific author.  We have over a dozen authors currently in development, but we will also build a program event to meet your need.  We dress appropriately for the occasion and decorate the performance space. 


  • We offer a wide variety of workshops -- participatory in nature.  Many of them were designed for use at McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana, specifically for their annual "Kids College."  We have been invited to present every year for about 10 -12 at present.  In 2015, we will be offering 14 three-hour workshops in five days.  These events will include such things as  "Mathemagical Adventures" , "How Tall a Tale Can You Write?", "Shakin' and Music Makin'", "Traits of a Leader",  "Puppets! Puppets! Puppets!", "Acting Workshop", "Researching, Developing, and Performing a Character", "Planning & Conducting Effective Meetings", "Shakin' Up Shakespeare", "Dragons, Unicorns, and the Beasts of Never", "Say It -- Say It Well". 
  • We have many more -- including Workshops for Creatively Exploring Faith.


About Us


What will it cost to bring us to your event?


  • Our basic performance honorarium is $ 200.00 for an hour or significant portion thereof.
  • If you are a Nursing Home, Retirement Center or Special Needs Center within a 25 mile radius of Downtown Beaumont, Texas, we have a very special price for you.
  • If you are a Civic or Service Organization within a 25 mile radius of Downtown Beaumont, Texas, we have a special price for you.
  • If we are traveling by automobile, we ask $ .50 a mile.   We generally use MapQuest to determine mileage in advance.   If we are to travel by train or by plane, we anticipate that the venue will generally supply the tickets/fares.  We are prepared to travel out of the USA.

Meals are appreciated when we are away from home overnight.  We will work within your budget.

Lodging is appreciated at an appropriate hotel/motel when we are overnight at your location.


How do you Schedule us?

 E-mail us on the CONTACT page with your proposed date and time.  Please include both a preferred and an alternate date if possible.   We present all year.  Sometimes we are working with venues pursuing grants and are committed a year or more in advance.  We would love to talk to you. so please do take the time to contact us.  We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.